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When you have small home repairs or home improvement projects and related tasks around the home that should be taken care of, it can sometimes be difficult to manage yourself. Not everyone has the expertise, manual dexterity, skills, or tools available to do things like fixing holes in drywall, install molding, repainting, caulk or repair gaps or cracks, replacing pieces of carpeting or flooring, repairing or rebuilding outdoor porches or stairs, or similar tasks. At the same time, many of these kinds of repairs or construction tasks are too small or trivial for a specialized service company, general contractor or builder. Fortunately, there are handyman services and handyman home improvement services that are ideally suited for these kinds of tasks!

Handyman services or handyman home improvement services are usually individuals or a small group of trained professionals, who make their living by performing many and various home repair and home improvement tasks for consumers.  The exact nature of their capabilities can vary from firm to firm or individual to individual, but most handyman services providers are suitable for most of the typical home improvement and repair tasks, that don’t rely on electrical or plumbing expertise too heavily. As always, local jurisdiction and restrictions may require specific tasks, like those involving natural gas piping, be performed by licensed and bonded experts from the utility company only. But, in many areas, handyman services and handyman home improvement services may be able to do basic electric, gas, plumbing, and related tasks as well.


This guide highlights some of the essential aspects of handyman services and handyman home improvement services, including what they typically offer, the training or background that handyman services or handyman home improvement personnel usually have, discuss why homeowners often prefer these professionals over other specialists. Also, give some advice on what to look out for and how to choose the right handyman services or handyman home improvement services provider for your particular home improvement or repair project needs.



The skillset and specialties of handyman services and handyman home improvement services vary considerably from a handyman services company to company and region to region. Most handyman services offer necessary home repair and improvement services in all major areas of home construction and materials. They may have limitations based on the job size or complexity, or if it heavily involves certain specialties like plumbing, electrical, or gas piping. In general, though, the examples of jobs that most handyman services and handyman home improvement services typically complete include:


  • Minor structural repair and improvements,
  • Converting unfinished basements into extra finished rooms,
  • Repairing or replacing portions of flooring/damaged flooring,
  • Painting or repainting areas of the home,
  • Fixing drywall or other wall fixture damage,
  • Installation of can lights, pendant lights, chandeliers, or ceiling fans,
  • Minor electrical work, such as installing additional outlets, new light switches, and similar,
  • Minor plumbing work, such as adding a sink where water piping and drain piping already exists, replacing a toilet or tub, or similar,
  • Installation of molding, chair rail, and other home accents,
  • Installation of shelving, assembly or install of pre-assembled furniture,
  • Installation of drop ceilings, tiles, fluorescent lighting, and similar,
  • Cleaning or assembly of new ductwork for HVAC units,
  • Improving or replacing fixtures in kitchen or bathrooms, doors, handles, etc.,
  • Replacement of worn fittings, pipes, hoses, etc. for dishwashers, washer/dryers, water heaters, and HVAC systems,
  • Repair of home cracks, holes, gaps, worn seals, weather stripping, etc.,
  • Replacement of damaged windows, home siding, roofing, gutters, chimneys, etc.,
  • Addition or replacement of minor outdoor fixtures like decks, porches, stairs, railings, walkways, and similar,
  • Installation or replacement of window dressings, blinds, shutters, etc.,
  • And much more.


Many handyman services companies are owned, operated, and staffed by experts from various construction fields. Due to the cyclical nature of significant construction work, many workers tend to do handyman tasks to supplement their incomes during leaner construction times. Others have had enough of working for a larger firm or doing something else and strike out on their own as entrepreneurs. Another sector of handyman services and handyman home improvement services are often run by ex-military personnel, who have served for their country and now are looking to put the multiple physicals, mental, and mechanical skills they have learned to good use in civilian life. In all cases, most professionals from handyman services are knowledgeable in a wide variety of construction, repair, and home improvement areas.



In many cases, homeowners often prefer to hire handyman services or handyman home improvement services for many of their home repair and improvement tasks due to their diversity of work experiences. Specialists are great for many projects but are often too expensive for smaller, more general work. They also may be hard to find and book depending on the scope of work that needs to be done. On the other hand, handyman services and handyman home improvement services are relatively ubiquitous in most areas, relatively easy to find, and offer competitive pricing, even for smaller jobs. When you have several small and diverse jobs that need to be done around the home, there’s no more ideally-suited type of service business than handyman home improvement services and handyman services providers. 



So, if you’ve decided to hire a handyman services or handyman home improvement services company, the next logical step is choosing a company and arranging an appointment. But, this is where many people struggle – how to select a handyman services company when you know nothing about them?  Pick a random name out of the advertising site or do a Google search and then click the top results?  You might get lucky this way, but it’s not a very scientific or sound way to go about choosing the best handyman service provider. Instead, we recommend you evaluate potential handyman services or handyman home improvement services based on the following key areas and criteria:


  • Services – what exactly handyman services do they offer? Do they do the kinds of repairs or home improvements you are looking for or only some of them?  Do they have particular handyman services specialties or types of handyman services they are experts?
  • Reputation – does the handyman services company have a good reputationHow are the reviews from customers? Do you know someone who has used handyman home improvement services providers before, and if so, who do they recommend? 
  • Experience – how long have they been in the handyman services business?  How many handyman services jobs have they completed?  How many satisfied customers do they have? 
  • Licenses/Certifications – are they bonded/licensed by the state or city where they work? Do they have some certification?
  • Safety – do they place a priority on safety?  Do they ensure the worksite is secure and safe for their personal and you and your family?  Do they have any records of accidents or other safety violations?
  • Professionalism – do handyman services pros return customer calls?  Are they polite and courteous?  Do they answer your questions clearly and completely?
  • Time and Cost – how long do they estimate the handyman services job will take them to complete? What is the cost estimate?  How does this compare to other handyman services companies? 


In summary, handyman services and handyman home improvement services are some of the most common types of general home repair and improvement businesses that many homeowners will interact with on a regular basis. Handyman services providers typically offer a wide variety of expertise and skills, to do all kinds of repair and improvement tasks around the home. Handyman services and handyman home improvement services typically are staffed by pros with various skill sets in construction and related specialties and offer competitive pricing and service. When looking to hire handyman services or handyman home improvement services company, consumers should keep in mind basic criteria like reputation, handyman services offered, safety, licenses/certification, professionalism, and time and cost estimates. If they do, they’ll be able to find appropriate handyman services or handyman home improvement services company that will be best for their repair or home improvement project needs.